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What is Modeshift STARS?

An Online Platform
A Planning Tool
National Accreditation Scheme

Modeshift STARS is the Centre of Excellence for the delivery of Effective Travel Plans in Education, Business and Community settings.

The Modeshift STARS online platform is a comprehensive Travel Planning tool that:

Creates, develops and supports Travel Plans

 Assists in monitoring and evaluation

Recognises and rewards excellence for the promotion of sustainable and active travel

Modeshift STARS is an online platform that supports the creation of a Travel Plan followed by a continuous process of planning, delivering and reviewing as set out in the Modeshift STARS Journey below:

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Travel Planning with Modeshift STARS

  • Healthier lifestyles – encouraging people to get active through more walking and cycling, thereby creating healthier and more productive communities
  • Safer environment – helping you to identify and address travel and transport issues to enable safer journeys for all
  • Cleaner Air – reducing the number of vehicles and congestion around your site to improve the quality of air in your neighbourhood
  • Delivers on Corporate Social Responsibility objectives – ensuring you are a good neighbour that cares about the environment and your impact upon it
  • Save time and money – Modeshift STARS saves time when writing a Travel Plan therefore reducing the costs of creating the document
  • National Accreditation – achieve national accreditation for your Travel Plan and be nominated for National Awards

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